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Hi my name is James I am from the south east UK.

In 1996 I started dating a gorgeous young lady called Rachial Green. Rachial was a young model who due to the pressures of her work was recovering from Anorexia.

This at a later date caused her to suffer from the condition Osteoporosis. A condition that causes the bones to become brittle and more commonly found in older people.

Even after she had combated the Anorexia she still suffered with the weak bones and was often breaking them even sometimes doing every day things.

After three years dating each other in June 1999 we got engaged. Everything seemed so right between us. I had discovered not only a love for Rachial but a love (or fetish) for women in plaster casts.

A couple of weeks after our engagement Rachial started feeling pains in her stomach and went to get them checked out to find against the odds she was 4months pregnant.

This was such a shock to us both it took a while to sink in but at the same time it was just so special.

In August that year it was my 21st birthday and as usual I was away working at a dance event. One of Rachial's best friends Joanne brought Rachial along so we could celebrate together. We had a great night and at around 12 o'clock Rachial was feeling tired so Joanne offered to take her home.

On the way home the two girls were in an accident that would change my life in a way no one could have imagined.

They were driving along the road and a car was coming the other way all of a sudden another car started over taking putting them in a head on collision with Rachial and Joanne.

Both girls were fairly badly injured. Joanne suffered whiplash and fractures to both her legs and Rachial suffered a fractured spine and legs. We also lost our son who Rachial was carrying.

The doctors put rachial in a halo brace for a month before deciding she needed an operation to stop the bones pressing on her spinal chord.

Unfortunately she never returned from the operation which is why I am now building this site in her memory.

Rest In Peace

Rachial Green

23rd June 1980-4th September 1999